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Disney Tsumtsum 168g Fruit Juice Gummy

  • RGC00113

Disney Tsumtsum 168g Fruit Juice Gummy

1. Individual packed, 3.5g per piece, 168g per standing bag pack, we can pack other weight based on your requets.

2. Fruit Gummy with 100% Juice contains grape, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry flavours can be produced,

3. Natrual color and gluten free, no trans fat,

4. Fruit Gummy with 100% Juice with rich vitamins. 

5. Disney Tsumtsum items are popular when it published. Kids love these characters.


Packing Details:


FOB Port: Yantian / Shekou

Product size: 9.3x20x5cm

Packing: 10bags/box, 4boxes/ctn

Carton size: 42x33.7x43.8cm

40HQ Loading qty: 2,930 cartons

Address: Block A, Xiangjiang Industry Area, Jiangling Road, Pingshan District, Shenzhen, China 
Phone: +86-755-2380-6722 / +86-136-2095-8720
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