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Happy International Women's Day

Views:4     Author:Violet Deng     Publish Time: 2019-03-07      Origin:Site

March 8th Women's Day is coming! We, Shenzhen Rungu Food Co., Ltd , all the female staffs will half day off with salary paid. There are 62.4% female colleagues in our company. Women play as sales, purchasers, accountants, production workers and so on. Women  contribute their duties for Rungu food factory to make the success. We believe every lady can be adorable, can be successful, Live a life that you desire. We wish all the female in the world will enjoy the Women's Day and be more independent, Charming in the future life. Women will play more and more important and irreplaceable roles in the world. Thank you!

Women's Day Butter Cookie Gummy Candies

Please be ntoed we can produce any shape of gummy candies and different recipe cookies for you to meet your market demand.  Thank you!

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